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Rails, sleepers, materials of the upper structure of the track and everything for railways with delivery in the CIS and for export. Production of impregnated sleepers of I and II types.


The Uralshpal plant produces impregnated sleepers of types 1 and 2. the technology consists in impregnating wood with an antiseptic in an autoclave.

Advanced technologies, a strict quality control system provide the products with high quality and reliability.

Loading sleeper products on vehicles and rail.

  • Railway sleepers at low prices.
  • Compliance with GOST.
  • Fast shipping

Uralshpala LLC has been active in the market for the supply of sleepers and track materials since 2006. If you are looking for a manufacturer of sleepers or want to buy sleepers in bulk from a direct supplier, Uralshpala LLC is ready to supply you with sleepers from the manufacturer to supply railway, civil and road construction in Russia and countries around the world. The production facilities of the company allow producing up to 24,000 impregnated wooden sleepers and more than 1000 cubic meters. timber monthly.

Cross Ties And  Wooden Bars From The Producer

The production site of Uralshpala LLC includes two sleepers impregnation workshops, an autoclave AVTRM 2000 * 6000 * 12.5

(impregnation protects sleepers from moisture, moisture and fungi). internal warehouse of 1000 sq. m, an open warehouse of raw materials and finished products - 4000 square meters. m., two gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons, an access road with 5 wagons, a belt frame, a mechanical repair shop, a complex of metalworking, electric and gas welding equipment.

Uralshpala LLC produces a wide range of products: sleepers with impregnation and wood, boards. Uralshpala LLC builds and develops close relationships with customers based on the concept of long-term partnership, quality products and services.

The production of sleepers meets the requirements of GOST and has all the required quality certificates. We give the opportunity to buy impregnated and non-impregnated sleepers, rail for turnouts, materials of the upper structure of the track and everything for the railways.

Uralshpala LLC - the largest exporter of sleepers in Russia


The company Uralshpala LLC is engaged in the sale of sleepers of its own production and building materials. Thanks to our 13 years of experience, highly qualified specialists and the availability of modern equipment, we are considered a reliable supplier.

Quality control is carried out at all stages of production: from sorting logs before cutting to the exit of finished products from the autoclave of the VAP-1 vacuum wood impregnation plant.

Our sleepers meet the requirements of GOST and have all the required certificates . Impregnation is carried out in an autoclave with coal oil (creosote) according to GOST 2770-74.

The wagons are loaded with a gantry crane KK-16/20 and are sent from the railway's own dead end railway station (300 m from the impregnation workshop)


За 13 лет работы нами были заключены уже больше сотни договоров с различными компаниями, что говорит о высоком качестве нашей продукции

На протяжении нескольких лет мы являемся поставщиками шпальной продукции на такие заводы , как: Учалинский горно-обогатительный комбинат, ЖСК Эталон М, Мостотрест, ЗАО Уралстройщебень, ПК Сухоложскцемент,  ТАТсталькомплект,  Среднеуральский медеплавильный завод, и  другие предприятия. Мы приглашаем все заинтересованные организации к  сотрудничеству.